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    Terms and Conditions of Boarding

    • I understand and acknowledge that leaving a dog or cat in a kennel or cattery is like leaving a child in school. Colds, coughs, tummy upsets etc. may occur. In the event that this occurs, I authorise Rilten Kennels to seek any veterinary attention that they may feel is necessary. I also understand and acknowledge that I am responsible for all veterinary charges incurred during or after my pets stay.
    • I understand and acknowledge that the Bordatella vaccination is much like a flu-shot and does not guarantee that my pet will not contract a cough.
    • I understand and acknowledge that Rilten Kennels exercise all care, but accept no responsibility for any happenings, damage or loss whilst your pet is in our care.
    • I understand and acknowledge that if the need arises, my pet may be housed in shared accommodation, and/or exercised with our pets during its stay.
    • I understand and acknowledge that if my pet(s) is left beyond the stated boarding data, it is my responsibility to notify Rilten Kennels. If Rilten Kennels is not notified within 14 days, the animal will be considered abandoned and may become a legal matter to local law enforcement. Please note, full payment is required before collection of your pet.
    • I understand and acknowledge that Rilten Kennels does allow toys, however, such items may not be returned due to damage or not returned in the same state as when brought in.
    • If your animal is terminally ill, unable to move/walk, unable to get up from a lying position or is incontinent we will not accept the animal for boarding. We recommend boarding at a veterinary facility instead.
    • Please inform us of any/all medical concerns your animal may have, including relevant documentation.

    Rilten Kennels Boarding Rates:


    Small Dogs with All Day Runs :  $33 per day.
    Medium Dogs with All Day Runs : $34 per day.
    Large Dogs (with access to our acre and a half exercise yard) : $36 per day.
    Extra Large Dogs : $40 per day.


    Cats : $22 per day, each.


    All prices inclusive of Air Conditioning and Heating.

    Different prices apply for certain dog breeds and dog-aggressive dogs during peak periods.

    A 10% discount applies for long term bookings (30 days or more) outside of holiday periods.

    Christmas 2020 Boarding Rates (20th of December – 20th of January)


    Small Dogs with All Day Runs:  $33 per day (14 days total = $462)
    Medium Dogs with All Day Runs: $42 per day (14 days total = $588)
    Large Dogs (with access to our acre and a half exercise yard): $44 per day. (14 day total = $616)


    Cats : $22 per day, each. (14 days total = $308)

    Please Note:

    Anti-social dogs will be charged double during the Christmas period.

    All Christmas bookings between December 20th and January 6th must be 14 days minimum. After the 6th of January until 20th January, the minimum stay will be a 10-day minimum stay.

    Check-in and Check-Out times during Christmas must be between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

    A $100 deposit will be taken for dog bookings at Christmas, and a $50 deposit for cat bookings.

    Bookings are not confirmed until deposits are paid and deposits are not refundable.

    Minimum stay and surcharges apply at:

    • Easter period – 7 days minimum
    • Christmas/New Year period – 14 days minimum

    Drop Off & What To Bring

    Drop off and pick up times are between:

    • 9.00am and 12.00pm – Monday to Friday
    • 9.00am and 12.00pm – Saturday
    • Closed – Sunday

    We encourage early arrivals, preferably no later than 12.00pm, which will give your pooch time to settle in before night time.

    At Rilten, we provide comfy hammock beds and blankets. If your dog is on medication or a special diet, please inform us before their stay. Please also ensure that all medications are clearly labelled with dosage instructions and in daily dose containers.
    Severely sick animals should be referred to veterinary hospitals, not boarding kennels.

    Going Home

    If your pet is picked up before noon, there is no charge for the day (expect during holiday periods).

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